Print City

I'm delighted that my screen print, London Eyes No1, has been selected to feature in the Printmakers' Council's forthcoming Print City exhibition at Morley College in Waterloo, London at the beginning of November.  

Print City is half of a double-header show by Printmakers' Council members along with the National Mini Prints (I don't do mini prints) show which will be added to the V&A's print collection.  Print City, as the name implies, focuses on urban influenced work and so my #under_surveillance series (London Eyes Nos 1, 2 & 3) was ideally suited to submission.  Here's how I presented the work: 

In the city, each of us is under surveillance from the moment we walk down the street. As an allegory of this continuous watching, I began my #under_surveillance* series with three large full-colour screen prints entitled London Eyes. The oversized eyes of advertising images stare at us... through us... past us, as we pass through the tunnels of the London Underground. At any other time in any other place, proximity to such huge staring eyes would disconcert and discomfort us. Yet we just scurry by. 

If you'd like to come along

London Eye sNo3
Guy Butters