The September Art Fair


Wads out, Wadhurst!

A week after The Other Art Fair in Bristol and it's another art fair in Wadhurst.  

This is a smaller (more exclusive?) show organised by the artistic community based in and around Wadhurst in East Sussex.  Maybe not as slick as Saatchi's Other Art Fairs, but there's some good stuff in Wadhurst Village Hall for the next 10 days.

Wadhurst is interesting on two levels:  There is a range of talented artists in the area, brought together by Wadhurst's Wing Gallery.  Plus Wadhurst is at the heart of prime 'stockbroker belt' - the affluent commuter areas based in the most beautiful villages in the countryside surrounding London.  So there's an artist community here and there's a market for our work!

This time around, rather than the drop-in-capsule-portfolio stand that I displayed last week in Bristol, I've decided exclusively to show my solar plate etchings.  My theory is this: people in and around Wadhurst (at least those in the market for exclusive, hand-made prints) live there because either they work in London and want to escape the edgy, urban metropolis to somewhere more pastoral when they're not at work; or live and work in/near Wadhurst because want to escape the edgy, urban metropolis to somewhere more pastoral all of the time.  Either way, I guess my etchings, which are the calmer, more pastoral side of my work, will be of greater appeal.


... and it worked!  The good people of Wadhurst liked my work, got their wads out, and purchased.  Thank you Wadhurst.  If you'll have me next year, I'll be back.

Guy Butters