La Route des Artistes

After working all summer on my French Light series of solar plate prints, I was selected for the 'Route des Artistes' open air exhibition in St-Rémy-de-Provence.  Here's my stand.  Obviously I can't blame the gerat location for the low sales, but I can at least rest assured that it wasn't just me.  The event was well attended all day long, but nobody seemed to be buying! 

I'd have thought that my images of olive trees, the Canal-du-Midi and southern French beaches would be ideal for a Provençal/tourist market, but it seems that those visiting St-Rémy seemed just to consider the event a tourist show, rather than a buying opportunity.  (I guess the parlous state of the French economy can't have helped, either.)

I shall take heed and only approach other tourist focused events with trepidation in the future.  However, it was very flattering to be asked to take part.