A Greenwich Printmaker!

Good news.  I have been invited to join Greenwich Printmakers. 

It's a co-operative of London-based printmakers operating from a gallery in Greenwich Market.  I'll be working in tehh gallery one day every month.  My first day will be Tuesday 2 May.  Do drop in if you're in the area.

I'd dropped a portfolio of prints into the gallery last weekend and the selection team met last night and decided that my stuff was up to scratch!

I needed to go back and collect my portfoio at some time this week.  Seeing as the best weather forecast for this week was today, I just went straight back to Greenwich today, taking the opportunity to start taking photographs of the Greenwich waterfront from which, one day soon, to make prints.

The weather was a bit touch and go, but here are three images that I've been messing around with.  They're just fast edits on the iPad (you'll see the sky's gone a bit haywire on the latter 2) but there's something interesting to be done with just pulling out areas of colour... particularly the area of the foreshaw just in front of the foot tunnel rotunda, which has an amazing deposit of brick fragments creating a splash of terracotta.