DIGITAL PRINTING offers me two opportunities: to share my photography with others who enjoy it; and to prototype images for development as other kinds of prints.




My screen prints are expensive to set up and produce and so also not cheap (but great value!) to buy.  I create my colour separations in Photoshop and prototype them as digital prints at home.  But digital printing allows me to share them with others too.  So for each of my screen print editions, I offer a limted edition digital version around half the size of the actual screen prints.  This allows me to crowdfund the production of my next edition; and allows admirers of my prints to to own smaller, cheaper versions of the image plus an opportunity to by one of the original screen prints at a discounted price.



You are welcome to browse my collection of photographs on this website, and even more welcome to buy them.  They are of the highest quality, professionally printed in light fast giclée inks on archive quality paper.  If you've seen an image that you'd love to own on my Instagram feeds, but don't find it here, then please contact me to discuss having a print made for you.

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