Shipping Information

Shipping to UK and addresses further afield will be arranged through ParcelforceI am still finalising prices at this point and will update this page as soon as they are known.


Returns & Exchanges

Prints may be returned for one of three reasons:  It differs hugely from the print depicted on the website; it has been damaged in transit; or you have changed your mind and do not wish to keep it.

Difference in prints: it should be noted that all my prints are handmade and so no two prints are ever exatly alike.  The small variations between fine art prints is what makes them unique and differentiates them from mass-produced, 'industrial' images.  However, should your print differ widely from the rest of its edition (smudges, bad registration, substandard materials, etc.), I will be happy to replace it or refund your money.  Please inform me of any issue within 15 days of receipt and I will arrange return, replacement or refund accordingly.

If your print has been damaged in transit, please contact me as soon as you can (within 15 days) and I will take steps to arrange for its return and replacement as swiftly as possible.  To demonstrate that it was damaged in transit, you will need to keep and return it with its original packaging.  Please take photographs to record the state in which it arrived and share these with me in order that I can take the issue up with the carrier.  Should you not do this, we will not be able to offer proof of damage in transit which my effect my ability to offer a full refund/replacement.

Of course, you may change your mind for any reason and decide that you do not wish to keep my print.  In which case please inform me of your decision within 15 days and I will arrange for return of your print and a refund.  Please retain the original packaging and use it to return the print.  Failure to do so and subsequent damage in transit will negate your right to a refund.  In the case of a return on these grounds, you may exchange your print for other prints from my website for an equivalent value (the difference will be refunded if less than 25% of the original print value) or your full purchase price will be refunded minus a 10% administartion fee.

Contact me to arrange a return